Just Like You

The people of Pure Guild are just like you. We lose hair. We get zits. We hate dry skin. We only want cosmeceuticals that are both clinically effective and naturally pure. Just like you.

But unlike most consumers, we have our own bustling suite of research labs and a worldwide network of scientific colleagues. We work in botany, pharmacology, chemistry, and toxicology. Some of us work to develop new post-industrial manufacturing processes. Others work in modern health-care communications.

All believe in rigorous testing and meticulous precision for optimum performance of topical treatments. We believe in extreme purity of botanical compounds, molecular integrity of all ingredients, and honest dealing with valued customers.

We practice what we preach. When some of us began to lose our own hair, for instance, we did not reach for drugs or grafts. Instead, we redoubled our research on the enzymatic, metabolic, and vascular activities of several botanical compounds, which resulted in clinically effective hair-regrowth treatments based on Lupinus albus extract, rich in natural peptides and essential vitamins.

When the grayness and flaking of ultra-dry skin threatened to make us look older, it inspired us to develop a unique moisturizing treatment that employs Pichia anomala extract. It strengthens the natural barrier function of the stratum corneum and retains the skin’s innate moisture. For condition after condition — acne, rosacea, cellulite, itching — we search to discover just the right compounds to dry the seborrhea, quell the inflammation, reduce the fat storage, and preserve the natural flora.

Because at Pure Guild, we believe that meticulous precision of scientific performance and extreme purity of botanical ingredients make topical treatments of uncompromised effectiveness.

Just like you.