Is Green Tea An Effective Weight Loss Supplement?

Is Green Tea An Effective Weight Loss Supplement?

I heard many people asking if green tea can be used as a weight loss supplement and my answer is that yes, I think so. Green tea may be used as a weight loss supplement; in fact, this is the only one supplement that I took (and still taking until now) since I decided to lose some weight.

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When I first took green tea, I experienced alertness and I knew that my metabolism rate went up because I didn’t get bloated anymore.  I am not a coffee drinker so I can really feel the effect of caffeine from the green tea I am taking.  I didn’t engage in any exercise such as aerobics or weight lifting. What I did aside from drinking green tea three to four times daily is reducing my rice intake.

I also noticed that my bowel movement becomes regular and shortly after 3 months, the reduction in my weight became noticeable.  My waist line went back to 26 inches and my relatives and friends noticed the changes in my weight.  And there are many other studies saying that green tea can be used in weight loss regimen because of its caffeine content that hasten our metabolism.

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